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Value-Added Partnerships

Bank Partnerships


Kim is knowledgeable about working with financial institutions for the mutual benefit of their clients. She can be a valuable ally in bringing bank clients “up to par” in their record keeping and procedures. Frequently, bank customers who excel at their primary operation are not great at their record keeping and administrative processes. Kim can work with the bank and their customer to develop procedures and document activities to strengthen internal control and to bring their procedures in line with their lender’s expectations, all while keeping an on the business’ bottom line.

Additionally, Kim has worked on developing programs to assist banks with establishing internal lending procedures, most notably in assisting with understanding the construction process and the related risks.

Attorney Partnerships

mergerKim has extensive experience supporting attorneys and their clients with accounting functions and activities that are integral parts of legal transactions. She understands business combinations and has experience in M&A work, both in representing the buyer and the seller, and she understands the subtleties involved in bringing a transaction to the settlement table.

She has also worked in the forensics area, having been called upon to develop records in cases of employee or owner fraud, as well as in cases of destroyed or missing records.