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Kimberly S. Chaney CPA

Kimberly S. Chaney CPA is more about financial goals than financial forms. Any accountant can “do the math,” but only a select few work as your partner to develop financial systems and strategies that improve the prosperity of your business. Kim takes the time to assess your situation and understand your financial needs and aspirations. You can look to her experience, intelligence and intuition to help your business run more smoothly and profitably.

Maybe it’s time you called a CPA who not only has your best interest at heart, but can do something about it.

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What I appreciate most about Kim is her refreshing approach. Of all the CPA’s I have worked with she is the best at understanding the relationships between accounting, taxes, and financial management. She embraces the fact that knowledgeable owners know their businesses and how to run them, and she serves owners to help improve financial performance and tax planning. I recommend that any owner looking to take their financials to the next level consider working with Kim.
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